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海を中心に Surfing , Wave , Beach , Ocean , Bikini , Surfer , Beach girl , Beach Boy , California , Aloha , Hawaii  といった Theam を中心に 様々な Beach Life Style の Surf Art を描いてます。


海の風、波の音、潮の香り、太陽の光、いつも海を感じていたいあなたへ Surf Art をお届けします。




My art main theme is ocean.

Wave, Beach, Ocean, Bikini, Surfer, Beach girl, Beach Boy, California, Shounan, Hawaii, Aloha.

I drawing a variety of Beach Life Style of Surf Art.


Painting materials and techniques is the acrylic paint, enamel paint, pencil, brush pen.

And also to use production techniques such as paper-cutting.


Sea of ​​wind, waves of sound, sea aroma, the sun of light, 

We will deliver to when you want feel the Ocean. 

my surf art send to only for you.


If you want to get ocean's art, we will accept your order.

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Shipping   :   Japan Only

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